I didn’t know sh*t about cryptocurrency a few months ago.

I wasn’t looking for another way to spend money I didn’t have to lose in some high risk investment. I’m sure you feel the same way.

Things you won’t read here.

I don’t give financial advice All the information provided is for educational purposes. There are risks associated with cryptocurrency.

I won’t be sliding into your DMs telling you about a hot opportunity where you can get rich overnight

Why Crypto Everyday?

I wanted a way to show the single mom with three kids how she can learn about crypto doing things she already do. I believe this is how you begin to make cryptocurrency accessible. That’s my goal

Everyone with a mobile phone can learn and use cryptocurrency each and every day .

If you enjoy Crypto Everyday, please recommend it to three friends for unbiased information about cryptocurrency and a place to ask, learn & grow. (I’ll also share about my personal journey)



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Contessa Louise Cooper is everyone's favorite no-nonsense creator and maker known for taking no sh*t. She uses her natural humor and training to help professionals become more productive by empowering them to embrace their diversities as assets.